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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer
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Attorney Dean R. Patti

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

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Attorney Dean R. Patti

Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

We built our firm on client referrals, and not on expensive billboards and television advertisements.

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Attorney Dean R. Patti
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The D.R. Patti Difference

Most personal injury lawyers list their recoveries, but if someone says they settled a personal injury case for $500,000, how do you know their personal injury claim wasn't worth a million dollars? If so, that client made the wrong choice going with that lawyer.

Our Golden Rule: Treat Our Clients The Way We Want To Be Treated.

Actual Personal Injury Case Results

Case Type Before D.R. PATTI After D.R. PATTI
Accident Hotel/casino Four Attorneys told client they had no case $29,000,000
Car Accident $25,000 Offer $25,000,000
Electrocution - Wrongful Death Denied Responsibility $15,000,000
Hospital Negligence $250,000 Offer $7,400,000
Semi Truck Accident Denied Responsibility $7,000,000
Slip and Fall $25,000 Offer $6,000,000
Tire Defect Denied Responsibility $5,200,000
Hospital Negligence Denied Responsibility $5,000,000
Strip Hotel/Casino Injury $4,000 $4,000,000
Hotel/ Hurt on Job Denied Responsibility $4,000,000
Skateboard Accident Denied Responsibility $3,000,000
Construction Accident - Hawaii Denied Responsibility $3,000,000

The D.R. Patti Difference

Client Reviews

I had a great experience you won't be disappointed. I didn't even know where to start. Jasmine was amazing from the first visit. David was my attorney and they both will answer the million of questions you have. It was a fast process. I highly recommend them and will use them again. Thx Dr. Patti & Associates

Rosie Rose

This firm is the bomb. My attorney Mark and paralegal Jaz did a wonderful job. They always treated me with the utmost respect and they were always on top of things I would recommend this firm to everyone I know.

Joi Harper

One of the most humbling experiences of my life and Jaz was so helpful during the entire process and her patience and persistence throughout was just amazing. She went above and beyond to get things done for my case and I'm just grateful for her and her team. If you're looking for a great lawyers office to help with your case then look no further

Ashley Randolph

D.R Patti & Associates took great care of me and we’re very attentive when I had any questions. Especially Jazz, she was always answering all my calls and text messages. I highly recommend…

Jimmy Martinez

From the first call I gave them until receiving my funds, Jaz was so helpful and considerate throughout the entire process. She was always a text or phone call away, and if she wasn't available, she made sure someone was. Not only did they get me what I wanted, they went above and beyond and got more. I can't recommend this firm enough. They get the job done.

Carlos Zaragoza

Thank you to Dr. Patti and Associates. Jaz S. is the best. She is very communicative, helpful, and she makes you feel comfortable while still maintaining professionalism. I would recommend this office 100x over!

Shanice Wilson

Personal Injury Law Firm

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

When you suffer from injuries caused by another person’s negligent behavior in Las Vegas, NV, you shouldn’t get stuck with the medical bills. The financial fallout after an injury is exactly why the law permits you to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Serious injuries can change your life forever. Personal injury law protects your rights, though most people are unaware of all the laws that relate to their case.

Personal injury victims who deal with the insurance company on their own don’t know they are likely being offered less than they deserve until it’s too late. When the bills pile up, that’s when they realize they should have fought for more money.

D.R. Patti & Associates is a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, NV, that has a combined 50+ years of experience on our legal team. Our Nevada personal injury attorneys represent injury victims to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

We follow the golden rule of treating our clients the way we want to be treated. We’re here to advocate for your rights and face off against the defense to recover compensation on your behalf.

We are ranked in the Top 100 of National Trial Lawyers and have a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. D.R. Patti & Associates law firm was also placed in the Top 10 by the American Association of Attorney Advocates in 2023 and honored on Expertise.com as the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas in 2022.

Let us be the voice you need to win your personal injury lawsuit today. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Represent in Las Vegas, NV

At our personal injury law firm, we represent a wide range of victims.

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The sheer amount of traffic coming and going through Las Vegas means there is a much greater risk of car accidents. Auto accidents can cause many types of painful injuries, some of which may leave you completely changed for the rest of your life. Car accident cases involving a brain injury can be incredibly complex as you will need to consider your future medical care.

You should know that in Nevada, the insurance system is an at-fault model. This means the driver who caused the accident is responsible for paying for your damages. However, Nevada’s modified comparative negligence law may mean that bad faith insurance claims are made, causing you to take on some or all of the blame.

Save your energy to work through your injuries and let a personal injury lawyer from our law firm help you fight for your compensation after a car accident.

Due to the extreme size and weight of commercial trucks, truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to victims. There are more trucks on the road today because of higher demands in the trucking industry. While truck drivers must obey federal and state regulations, they may be distracted, fatigued, or inexperienced behind the wheel.

Additionally, the trucking companies may disregard safety mandates and fail to maintain the fleet. Those who repair, maintain, or load the cargo for large trucks may be liable in certain circumstances as well. After a truck accident, you may need legal counsel to help you stand up to the insurers who will try to give you a low settlement. Contact a personal injury attorney with D.R. Patti & Associates to discuss your case today.

Motorcycle accidents often leave victims in serious pain from their injuries. Road rash, broken bones, and brain injuries are common in motorcycle accidents. Sadly, another common occurrence in these accidents is that motorcyclists are blamed when drivers of passenger vehicles fail to pay attention or drive safely.

The insurance company of the other driver will likely try to claim it was all your fault to either reduce your payout or deny your claim. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, the Las Vegas injury lawyers from our law office can fight for you every step of the way.

There are many ways a traumatic brain injury can occur. Whether mild or severe, our Las Vegas injury attorneys will work to secure financial compensation to help you recover. Traumatic brain injuries may require ongoing medical care for the rest of your life. Do not get stuck with expensive medical bills — let our attorneys get them covered.

Clark County and the surrounding Las Vegas area see many people on foot. Distracted or drunk drivers have been known to hit pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents are traumatic, and our clients who have endured this experience deserve to have someone stand up for their rights. Every driver on the road should be paying attention to avoid pedestrian accidents, especially at intersections. When you have a serious injury from getting hit by a motor vehicle, contact a personal injury lawyer from D.R. Patti & Associates.

When you seek medical treatment, you are counting on medical experts to take care of your health. While many healthcare professionals uphold this duty, a number of them fail their patients through shoddy care practices, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, prescription errors, and birth injuries. Medical malpractice lawsuits in Las Vegas, NV, allow you to seek justice by recovering compensation for their lack of proper care. This type of personal injury case can be complicated, though our personal injury attorneys can ensure you have someone to fight for what’s right.

We can never guarantee future outcomes in medical malpractice or any other type of case, but we can promise that we will be relentlessly aggressive in our pursuit of your compensation. Our experienced trial lawyers will prepare for the courtroom while doing everything it takes to get a settlement that is sufficient to fulfill your financial needs.

Slip and fall accidents are part of premise liability in personal injury law, and they are without a doubt among the most common incidents that our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys see. Restaurants, shops, casinos, resorts, and hotels must do their part to keep their properties safe for all guests.

Unfortunately, someone else’s negligence in maintaining the grounds could result in your injuries. You may slip, trip, or fall in these places, or even become injured at a friend or family member’s home. In other scenarios, a lack of security could leave you vulnerable to violent crimes. You should seek legal advice immediately from a personal injury attorney at our law firm and find out the next steps to take when filing a slip and fall lawsuit.

In many of these personal injury accidents, loved ones succumb to their injuries. Whether through motor vehicle accidents or another type of incident, we understand that this is traumatic for you. In Las Vegas, NV, you can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of your lost loved one.

Surviving family members are entitled to special damages that include medical bills and expenses incurred just before death. You may also seek funeral and burial expenses along with compensatory damages that your loved one would have recovered had they not passed. In certain wrongful death cases, punitive damages may be awarded as well.

Our personal injury attorneys can provide the compassionate representation you deserve with unwavering devotion to command an appropriate settlement.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Las Vegas Personal Injury Law

If you or a loved one have endured injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a valid personal injury case. You can contact the insurance company on your own, but many times, they will either give you an offer that is too low to cover the expenses you incurred or deny your claim.

At that point, you must act quickly and speak with one of our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys. You have a time limit to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, and the clock starts ticking two years from the date of your injury. While nothing can guarantee the success of your case, missing the statute of limitations almost certainly guarantees you’ll lose your right to compensation.

Contact a personal injury lawyer from D.R. Patti & Associates to help you discover how much your case could be worth. We stand up for injured parties of all types of personal injury accidents to help them get the compensation they deserve.

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Damages for Your Personal Injury in Las Vegas

In Clark County, you can name the expenses you have incurred from your accident and injuries in your lawsuit. This will usually include medical bills and lost wages, though there may be other expenses you were stuck with as a result of this incident.

These economic damages aren’t the only thing you can pursue. With the help of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney from our team, we can help you recover the non-economic damages you’ve endured. Your pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life may not come with a price tag, but you are the one paying the ultimate price.

Your injuries may be physically painful and limit your mobility. They can cause you to feel depressed, anxious, and stressed about what happened. You are in no condition to fight with the insurance company on your own. You need attorneys backed by the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and the Nevada Justice Association to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions.

D.R. Patti & Associates will show your medical records and other relevant evidence in your case to recover compensation at the right level you deserve. Do not wait to pursue your case and get on the road to your financial recovery. Set up a free consultation today.

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We Can Help. Get a Free Consultation

Client Focused. Aggressive Advocacy.

Over $250,000,000 Recovered For Our Clients

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Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

We built our firm on client referrals, and not on expensive billboards and television advertisements like other personal injury and car accident attorneys in Las Vegas. By building our law firm on word of mouth referrals from satisfied former and existing clients, we make sure our clients have to be happy and satisfied not only with the results, but also our service and performance. Contact the experienced, client-focused, and aggressive Las Vegas personal injury and accident attorneys at the law firm of D.R. Patti & Associates | Car Accident & Injury Lawyers.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney from Our Law Firm

That is only the first part of what we do. Many attorneys in town will just settle your case early for easy money. Which means they are leaving your money in the insurance companies’ pockets. After our Las Vegas injury lawyers and entire legal team get to work on analyzing your case, they will work to get you the maximum amount of compensation.

Many law firms in Las Vegas don’t try hard enough for their clients. They take the easy way out and move on to the next case. At D.R. Patti & Associates, you are not just another number to our injury lawyers. We treat you the way we would want to be treated after enduring these traumatic events. As part of our legal services, we offer the care and guidance you deserve. We won’t settle without first making sure that the amount offered is sufficient to cover the expenses and suffering that you have endured throughout this ordeal.

Only our Las Vegas trial lawyers can lead you through the challenges of recovering compensation for your lost wages, medical costs, mental anguish, and other losses. Contact a trial attorney from our Las Vegas firm today to avoid the common pitfalls of personal injury and get the compensation you truly deserve.

We will investigate your case and look for evidence that strengthens your claim. We will negotiate to get you what is fair, and we will hold those who turned your life upside down through their negligent actions accountable.

Our trial lawyers know that money is a huge concern for you during this time when your finances are strained. With all of the extra expenses due to this unfortunate experience, you may wonder how you can afford an attorney when you are struggling to pay your monthly bills. At D.R. Patti & Associates, you do not need to worry about attorney fees unless we win.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case and get no-obligation legal advice on the options available to you. If you decide to proceed, we will begin collaborating with expert witnesses to build a strong case. We have extensive reach with our resources and work with some of the most trusted and revered professionals in the country, from medical experts to accident reconstruction specialists to prove that you deserve compensation.

When you need legal assistance, choose D.R. Patti & Associates for the extensive experience, expertise, accolades, and track record you need to come out ahead in your personal injury case.

Here are some examples of how our teams’ experience, skill and knowledge resulted in substantially larger settlements for our clients.

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