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Las Vegas Rollover Accident

Rollover crashes are less common than other accidents. But when they do occur, they are more likely to cause severe injuries or even fatalities. According to Nevada Safety Crash Facts, between 2016 and 2020, 1590 traffic fatalities occurred across the state, 13% of which were due to rollover accidents.

Additionally, rollovers often involve a single vehicle, which leads to the assumption that the driver is at fault. Insurance companies also find good reasons to shift blame and evade responsibility.

If you or your loved one suffered injuries in a rollover accident in Las Vegas, contact us. We specialize in handling all rollover auto accident cases and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why Should You Choose D.R. Patti & Associates Law Firm for Your Rollover Accident Case?

Patti & Associates is an exclusive personal injury law firm founded by Dean R. Patti. It has dedicated teams for handling each type of personal injury case, such as car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Everyone in the firm shares Mr. Patti's vision: creating a difference in the lives of those going through difficult times. Unlike other personal injury law firms, Mr. Patti didn’t establish this firm to focus on settling your case quickly. Instead, he believes in understanding your situation thoroughly and pursuing your case according to it. By working with our law firm, you can get what you deserve.

Renowned legal directories such as Avvo, the American Association of Attorney Advocates, and Lawyers of Distinction recognize Dean Patti for his personal injury law expertise and client satisfaction.

Our firm has a proven track record of successfully handling multiple rollover accident cases. Most of the car accident victims had no hope when they came to us. Insurance companies denied their claims and attempted to attribute fault to them. Yet our Vegas car accident attorneys helped them secure the compensation they deserved.

What our past clients say about our car accident lawyers:

"DR. Patti & Associates is a wonderful firm. Marc Naron represented me after a car crash last year. The firm has great customer service, and Marc communicated with me himself as they advanced in the matter. More importantly, I was seen by a doctor for my injuries, and I didn’t worry about medical bills. I fully recovered and was given a fair settlement. I highly recommend D.R. Patti & Associates." - Rachel

If you suffered injuries due to a car rollover, we can connect you with our experienced car accident lawyer. However, if your accident involves other vehicles, our other specialized attorneys can assist.

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Who Can I Seek Damages From?

The facts of your case and Nevada laws determine who is responsible for your damages.

Nevada is a modified comparative negligence state. It holds parties at fault liable for the damages to the extent of their negligence. It means you can still recover damages even if you’re partially at fault in the rollover accident. However, your fault must not reach 51% or exceed it; otherwise, you will become ineligible.

For example, you were heading toward Goodsprings and suddenly encountered a large pothole. You swerved to avoid it, but your car ended up rolling over. The car wreck left you with serious injuries, prompting you to file a claim with the concerned authority for compensation. Unfortunately, the concerned authority denied your car accident claim, so you filed a lawsuit. The court found you 10% at fault for speeding slightly higher than the posted limit, and the city was found to be 90% responsible for failing to properly maintain the roads.

In this scenario, the court will still award damages for your losses, but they will be reduced by 10% to account for your contribution to the accident.

Parties from whom you can recover damages include:

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How Can D.R. Patti & Associates Law Firm Help You Navigate the Complex Legal Process?

Each case is unique and requires a different approach. We can determine the best strategy after assessing your situation. However, our usual approach to rollover accidents includes:

Investigate and Identify Responsible Parties

Investigating the rollover accident and identifying the liable parties is immensely complex. While everyone at the accident scene presumes it's the driver's fault, it may not be the case. There can be many reasons that make others responsible, such as loose gravel, potholes, or manufacturing defects in the vehicle.

Our rollover accident lawyers are well aware of these factors. They conduct a thorough investigation to identify the responsible parties and make your case as strong as possible.

File Your Claim with the Insurer of a Responsible Party and Negotiate a Fair Settlement.

After assessing all expenses and losses, we calculate the fair value of compensation you deserve and file your claim with the insurance company.

The insurance company usually rejects the initial claim and offers a lower settlement. Sometimes, it denies the claim and argues that you are only responsible for the accident because no other vehicle is involved. It's common in a car accident case, but we understand all their tactics and can present your case appropriately to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

File a Lawsuit if Necessary and Prove Their Negligence in Court

We settle many rollover cases, especially car accidents, through negotiation. However, if there is no chance to reach a fair settlement for you, our car accident attorney will file a lawsuit.

After filing a lawsuit, we will have another chance to negotiate your claim before trial. If the insurance company still refuses your fair settlement offer, our attorneys will go to trial to prove their negligence.

The court has a procedure for establishing negligence, and it requires you to prove the following:

Remember, you only have two years from the rollover to file your lawsuit.

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