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A slip and fall accident falls within a category of personal injury claims called “premises liability.”

If you slipped and fell, you may be entitled to compensation.  However, not all slip and fall cases is someone responsible to compensate the injured person.  A slip and fall accident falls within a category of personal injury claims called “premises liability.”  In Nevada, a business owes its patrons a duty to keep its premises in a reasonably safe condition for use.  Sprague v. Lucky Stores, Inc., 109 Nev. 247, 250, 849 P.2d 320, 322 (1993).  A business may be negligent and, thus, liable to compensate an injured person if that business failed to undertake ordinary or reasonable care to protect its customers from hazardous conditions, such as a foreign substance on the ground.  A foreign substance on the ground, particularly one that could be a slip and fall or trip and fall hazard, is usually not consistent with the standard of ordinary care that a business owes its customers.  Id.

What To Do If You Are Injured In A Slip and Fall

SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION if necessary. Not all injuries from slip and fall cases will be obvious immediately.  If you have some pain, get checked out by a doctor and use your health insurance.  Do not rely on getting reimbursed by the business or waiting for the business to offer to pay for your medical bills, as most business will not agree to pay for your medical bills before you make an official claim with proof or documentation of injury.  Delaying medical attention could not only be dangerous to your health but also to your personal injury case.

NOTIFY THE BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY. If the business is not notified immediately of the slip and fall accident so that they can conduct some investigation that the slip and fall accident did in fact occur, they may deny your claim.  A denial is more likely if you have no witnesses to verify that the accident occurred.  Make sure an incident report is completed and that you are provided a copy.  The absence of an incident report, particularly when there are no witnesses, could be fatal to a slip and fall case.

TAKE PICTURES OF WHAT YOU SLIPPED AND FELL ON, AS WELL AS ANY FOOTPRINTS OR DEBRIS IN THE AREA. Do not rely on the business taking photographs of what you slipped and fell on.  Also, even if the business took photographs, the business or its insurance company may not provide a copy of those photographs, videos, or incident report until they are forced to do so during litigation.

ASK THE BUSINESS TO PRESERVE AND/OR GIVE YOU A COPY OF ANY VIDEO OF THE SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT. While there are businesses have video cameras throughout their property, those video cameras do not necessarily catch every event happening in the store.  Additionally, it would be far too burdensome for businesses to record and maintain the video recordings of every minute their business was open.  Thus, unless the store is notified of the slip and fall accident immediately, the store may not retain a copy of the video of the event, even if the slip and fall accident was caught on camera.

GATHER WITNESS NAMES AND CONTACT INFORMATION. Again, you cannot rely on the business gathering all of the witnesses’ names and contact information or giving you that information without having to file a lawsuit.  Ask the witnesses what they saw or heard.  Witnesses may include the names and contact information of the business’ employees who may have been in the area.

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What Is A Dangerous Or Hazardous Condition?

A dangerous or hazardous condition could be anything that can cause someone, who is exercising ordinary care, to slip or trip and injury themselves.  It could be an accumulation of water, ice or snow, liquids, produce or fruit on tiled-floors, abrupt changes in flooring, raised or cracked sidewalks, poor lighting, or a hidden hazard, such as a hidden ground hole.  Contact the experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at D.R. Patti & Associates | Car Accident & Injury Lawyers to discuss whether you are a victim of a dangerous or hazardous condition.

What Is Not A Compensable “Slip And Fall” Case?

Unfortunately, “slip and fall” cases are one of the most difficult Las Vegas personal injury cases to make and to litigate.  It is often difficult to prove that the business created or knew of the dangerous condition, particularly those that were created by someone else other than the business’ employees or agents.  Remember, a personal injury claimant or plaintiff has the burden to prove that the business knew or should have known that the liquid was on the ground.  For example, if someone slipped on water on the ground, that water could have just been spilled by another customer less than five (5) minutes before, and there is no proof that the spilled water was on the ground for a longer period, the business may not be responsible because it did not have enough time to conduct an inspection and notice the spilled hazard.

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