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You Need Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

It is no big secret in the big little city of Las Vegas that personal injury victims have a lot of choices of attorneys. One cannot drive down the I-15, Charleston Blvd., or any major street without seeing a billboard for Las Vegas personal injury attorneys. There are negative stereotypes of these “billboard” personal injury attorneys. This stereotype was evident at a recent jury selection when many of our potential jurors expressed negative views of “billboard” attorneys.

Personal injury plaintiffs in Las Vegas have enough to deal with to be concerned about the reputation of their attorneys. Amongst those in the legal field, Clark County jurors are generally known to be conservative and anti-plaintiff. As we tell each of our clients, when a plaintiff walks into a courtroom, not only does the plaintiff bear the burden of proof but must satisfy that burden in front of a Las Vegas jury that tends to distrust personal injury plaintiffs. The burden and jurors’ bias against plaintiffs are not insurmountable hurdles to an experienced personal injury trial attorney. Insurance companies and their attorneys, however, know that these hurdles may be enough to scare away personal injury attorneys less experienced in trials.

Additionally, insurance companies know that litigation and trials are also costly. While personal injury cases valued at less than $50,000.00 would proceed through the mandatory arbitration, a process that is less expensive than proceeding through a jury trial, an arbitration case could still end up in a jury trial. In some cases, insurance companies will opt to take a case to a jury after losing in arbitration. Despite the additional expense, insurance companies and their attorneys believe they have a better chance in front of a jury than in front of an arbitrator, particularly if the personal injury plaintiff’s attorney does not have a reputation of taking personal injury cases to trial.

Many insurance companies collect information about a personal injury claimant’s attorneys. This information is in the insurance companies’ database, and insurance companies know which Las Vegas car accident attorneys are less likely to go to trial and which ones are more likely to accept low settlements to avoid a lawsuit or trial. The insurance companies use this information to make settlement offers, and they will usually make low offers to those Las Vegas car accident attorneys that have a history or reputation of not litigating cases or settling for below a fair settlement. Do not hire one of those attorneys. Instead, hire the experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys of D.R. Patti & Associates, as we have a reputation and history of litigating and going to trial when needed to get fair compensation for our clients.

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