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How Often Should I Be Able To Talk to My Car Accident Attorney?

One of the most frustrating parts of the personal injury claims process for clients is feeling as though they are left “in the dark” in that process. Clients often have questions about their case throughout the case. They aren’t the experts and they hired attorneys not just to win their case but also to guide them. To that, they need to be able to speak to the attorneys, and not just their staff.

Trust Your Attorney: Confidentiality of Client Communications

Clients may feel scared about telling their attorneys about things that they may not be proud of. Or a client may feel that a small bit of information is unimportant to the attorney. However, successful representation of clients, even in car accident cases, may depend on the client’s attorney knowing that information. Like good attorneys, the experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at D.R. Patti & Associates know how to encourage clients to disclose information, regardless of how embarrassing. We let our clients know that, except in exceptional circumstances, the law protects communications between clients and attorneys.

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