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Personal Injury Lawyer Fees: What You Need to Know

Have you been injured and are considering pursuing your personal injury claim but are hesitant because you’re unsure about lawyer costs? You’re not alone. Many Nevadans face the same challenge and often end up accepting what insurance companies offer. They believe the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer will be too much and might …

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Punitive Damages In Las Vegas Personal Injury Cases

Many people have heard the term “punitive damages” and want to know how it applies to their personal injury or car accident claim in Las Vegas. “Punitive damages” is an amount that is awarded by a jury to punish a party in a civil lawsuit. This term is also sometimes called “exemplary damages,” as the award is intended to set an example. Punitive or exemplary damages is usually contrasted with compensatory damages, which are intended to make an accident victim whole again. Learn more on when punitive damages are awarded.

What to Expect in a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case?

Many clients are nervous, if not downright scared, of being in a deposition. Most people are never involved in a deposition until they get injured in an accident, and their accident case goes into litigation. Many don’t know what’s going to happen, what questions are going to be asked, and even if a judge is going to be there. With a combined total of 50+ years of experience, the Las Vegas car accident attorneys at D.R. Patti & Associates know that preparing the client for a deposition includes explaining the process, answering the client’s questions, and letting them know there is nothing to be scared about. This blog demystifies the deposition in a Las Vegas personal injury case.

Discovery in Personal Injury Lawsuits

We’ve seen them. Trial in movies or tv shows where one of the parties produces a surprise witness or evidence. Such surprises make for an exciting movie or tv show but is not realistic. In real life trials, surprises are disfavored. Any new evidence not previously disclosed to other parties will likely be excluded. In litigation, discovery is the process during which the parties disclose the evidence they intend to use at trial. Learn more how discovery works.

Trust Your Attorney: Confidentiality of Client Communications

Clients may feel scared about telling their attorneys about things that they may not be proud of. Or a client may feel that a small bit of information is unimportant to the attorney. However, successful representation of clients, even in car accident cases, may depend on the client’s attorney knowing that information. Like good attorneys, the experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at D.R. Patti & Associates know how to encourage clients to disclose information, regardless of how embarrassing. We let our clients know that, except in exceptional circumstances, the law protects communications between clients and attorneys.

Why You Need Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

You Need Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Trial Attorneys Call For A Free Consultation You Need Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Trial Attorneys It is no big secret in the big little city of Las Vegas that personal injury victims have a lot of choices of attorneys. One cannot drive down the I-15, Charleston Blvd., …

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