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Steps To Take After Experiencing a Cycling Accident in Nevada

Steps To Take After Experiencing a Cycling Accident in Nevada

Being on a bicycle that is hit by a car can be extremely frightening for all people involved. In many cases, the vehicle will hit the person on their bike directly. Unfortunately, these sorts of accidents often lead to injuries for the cyclist, including severe injuries like broken bones, facial trauma, road rash, and spinal injuries.

Even if you were wearing a helmet, being on a bicycle that is hit by a car can lead to head injuries. If you’ve recently experienced a bicycle collision in Nevada, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. This individual can discuss what happened and assist you as you move forward toward recovery.

What To Do After a Cycling Accident in Nevada

There are several steps you should take after being in an accident with a car while cycling. The safety of yourself and others on the scene should be a priority. You can walk through the steps below to make sure you handle everything appropriately at the scene of the accident and beyond.

This applies whether you are the cyclist, vehicle driver, or someone who happened to be at the location when the accident occurred.

Check Up On Others

If you are at the site of an accident between an automobile and a bicycle, the first step is determining whether anyone is injured or at risk of further injury. The cyclist might be injured, as may the driver of the car. In some cases, these injuries are serious and moving the individual to safety may not be immediately possible. If possible, let drivers coming near the scene know to drive carefully.

Ask for Medical Treatment

After everyone at the scene has been checked for injuries, the next step is contacting emergency services. While it might seem as if the accident was minor, it’s challenging to be sure of the extent of everyone’s injuries. In addition, the confusion and adrenaline surrounding an accident may cause injured people to be unaware that they are hurt.

This is particularly true for the person on the bike. Many individuals believe they are fine even when severely injured. Watch for signs of an injury and make sure emergency services are aware of any symptoms you notice. If someone in the accident has a serious injury, ask them to stay where they are until emergency workers can check on them.

Call the Police

An officer should be called to the scene of the accident. Don’t allow anyone to dissuade you from calling them. A police officer can ensure everyone is safe while determining whether the driver should have behind the wheel, ensuring accurate information is gathered, and preparing a report.

The police report will give information about how the bicycle accident occurred. It will explain the location, who was involved, and whether any witnesses were at the location. This is an important factor in protecting the cyclist if they choose to seek damages for injuries later.

Take Down Evidence

Taking photos of the accident is useful. It can show how serious the crash was, who was at fault, what happened, and how injuries were sustained. Try to take photos of the vehicle and bike from various distances, including pictures of the full scene, pictures from several feet away, and close-up photos of the damage. Photos of the surrounding area can also be useful.

Speak To Witnesses

In addition to taking photographs, talk to anyone who saw the accident take place. Witnesses can give information about how the crash happened, which is very useful if the cyclist and driver give different stories. Write down their information, such as their phone number, name, and address. This can be provided to the police officer when upon their arrival.

Get Compensation for Cycling Accidents

If you were injured in a cycling accident with a car, you need an experienced attorney who works with personal injury cases. This is the best way to ensure you get the damages you deserve. You can reach out to a Nevada injury attorney for a free consultation to learn more about your options.


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