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Do YOU NEED AN ATTORNEY AFTER A FENDER-BENDER? Call For A Free Consultation do you need an attorney after a fender-bender? Even if you can’t see any damage, or it appears to be to a small scratch, there may be minor damage underneath that has gone unnoticed. Not all vehicle damage is apparent right away. …


Can I Get Attorney’s Fees From A Negligent Driver?

Can I Get Attorney’s Fees From A Negligent Driver? Generally under Nevada law, the person at fault for a car accident is not obligated to pay for an accident victim’s attorney’s fees. If a car accident claim ends up in a lawsuit, however, it is possible that the at fault party may be responsible for …

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Proving Fault In A Car Accident

In many car accidents that occur in Las Vegas, who is at fault is usually determined by an investigating officer at the scene. In some other cases, who is at fault is so obvious even if a police officer wasn’t called to the scene. In some other cases, the police officer can’t determine who is at fault; even if a police officer did, the insurance company for the at fault driver may still dispute what happened. In the latter two cases, gathering certain evidence is the key to proving who is at fault. Next is determining the applicable rules of the road.

Can A Car Owner Be Responsible For A Car Accident Involving Their Car?

The owner of a vehicle can be responsible in some cases if they permitted someone to driver their car and that person gets into a car accident. This concept is called negligent entrustment. In essence under this concept, if an owner permits a person they know is unfit to operate a vehicle and that person causes a crash, the owner is responsible.

Will Prior Accidents Affect My Car Accident Claim?

Prior car accidents or other types of accidents may affect your car accident claim. First, insurance companies may blame prior accidents for a victim’s injuries. The more recent those accidents are, the more likely the insurance company will use those prior accidents against the victim. Second, auto insurers may use those prior accidents to test a victim’s credibility.

People Article On Second Lawsuit Against Wayne Newton For Monkey Bite

Recently, D.R. Patti & Associates filed a second lawsuit against Wayne Newton for another alleged attached by Newton’s pet monkey. The victim alleged that she was asked to pose for a photo with the monkey, whose name is Boo. She also alleged she was assured that doing so would be safe. But then, as her lawsuit claims, the monkey attacked and bit her.In the first lawsuit filed last year, Marc C. Naron, Esq., of D.R. Patti & Associates represented a 15-year old teenager who alleged she was bitten by Newton’s monkey while touring his famed estate, Casa de Shanandoah. The Associated Press and People Magazine covered the story.

How Long Does It Take To Settle My Car Accident Case?

There is no simple answer to how long it takes to settle a car accident case. Every car accident case is different, and there is no fixed formula. Generally, the less disputes issued, the more likely the case settles early. The more disputed issues, the longer it takes to settle case.  There are several factors …

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